Using a Code Word for Free Subscription

    Use the link below to go to the iTunes Store in your browser then click the button to view in your iTunes application. Then simply follow the steps below to download and install the Magazine App. This app is what allows us to deliver the monthly magazine to readers iPads.
    If you are viewing this page on a desktop, you can either install the app first on your PC or Mac, then let the app sync to your iPad.

For installation with a code word, follow the steps outlined

Note: This is an iPad application. Although you can download the app to your iTunes account on your laptop/desktop, the magazine is only designed to work on your iPad and is simply stored in your iTunes account for backing up your devices.
Once downloaded, simply go to your iPad and open your Newsstand app, normally located on your Home Page. Click on the new Figure & Physique Magazine Cover. Then follow the steps here to download the magazine for free on your iPad using the code word we sent you.

If you followed the link to iTunes from your iPad, the Newsstand app will open automatically once the app has downloaded.

We recommend that you don’t close the app while you download your first issue of the magazine. Make sure your iPad is well charged and connected to a Wi-Fi connection

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