Elissa Jewell

Elissa Jewell NoCheating Jewell Body SculptingElissa is a personal trainer and gym manager that has always had a passion for good food – but after undertaking the first year of a chefs’ apprenticeship, she discovered that her enthusiasm for good food was not well suited to a formal kitchen setting. Quite a few years and career changes later – Elissa found her passion and left the corporate business world to begin a personal training career. It soon became apparent that peoples’ diets and mentality toward food was the biggest hurdle for the average person seeking to lose body fat or make major changes to their lifestyle and physique.

What started out as a few perfected protein-powder desserts is now an all encompassing passion in which Elissa seeks to help people to discover that transforming your body doesn’t necessarily have to involve being bored or deprived of taste. Elissa’s goal for the future is to step on stage in the 1st round of competitions in 2013 and to forge a health and fitness industry legacy by changing the way people approach their diet and training to show that a competition-worthy shape can be achieved with minimal cardio and a diet of puddings, pies and cakes.

Elissa can be contacted directly through NoCheating or via her personal training business, Jewell Body Sculpting.

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