Amer Kudi

As a skilled health and fitness professional, Amer takes great pleasure in seeing his clients achieve their goals.

Amer has spent almost 10 years serving the health industry as a mentor, lecturer, soft-tissue therapist and movement coach. Specialising in movement therapy and coaching, he has a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology and is a certified provider of the medically patented Active Release Techniques® (ART). He is also a Fellow of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science.

Amer takes an integrated and holistic approach to wellness. Through a range of non-invasive therapeutic techniques, he assists his clients with a range of issues including injury rehabilitation, postural misalignment, chronic and acute pain and illness, allergies, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

His passion for good nutrition led him to devise an easy and fun approach to wellness and vitality utilising ‘superfoods’. As the founder of Tonic Superfoods Pty Ltd, he is committed to bringing people the latest cutting edge nutritional education and products.

Amer aims to give his clients the tools necessary to help live their life healthy, pain free and full of fun and vitality.

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