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Whatever your interest in the bodybuilding world, whether you are a small or large business, individual or just love the sport, we welcome your input.

Apple’s revolutionary tablet device has only been around for just over two years and yet well over SEVENTY MILLION iPads have been sold around the world.

EIGHTY MILLION…in just 2 years!

Nothing in the entire history of the planet has sold that many things in its first two years of existence. Not McDonalds hamburgers or even cans of Coca Cola!!

This is a phenomena unlike anything we have ever seen.

The iPad is one of the biggest technological innovations ever seen.

There are more apps sold every day than individual songs in iTunes!

This gives innovative and forward thinking individuals and companies an opportunity to take on major players.

Our iPad magazine is going to give you this opportunity.

We’re looking for contributors for our exciting iPad bodybuilding magazine. We are happy to consider a well thought out article that will benefit our readers and welcome ideas for ongoing stories and content.

Contact us at:

By using the iPad we can include both text, images and video. This is a great way for you to tell your story or build your brand with our audience.

In return for any content we feature in an issue, we will include a short author biography and a link back to a site of your choice. This is an incredible opportunity for you to bring awareness to a business, cause or individual and offers endless avenues for you to build your online presence

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of contributor applications, we are unable to respond to each writer. If interested we will contact you with further details and information.

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