Figure & Physique Magazine – ‘Where strength is beauty’, created by figure competitors for fitness, figure and physique competitors and women who love training hard, creating great physiques and enjoy the benefits of living a clean, natural healthy lifestyle.

This wholly independent natural bodybuilding and healthy living magazine is packed full each month of contributions from industry professionals, enthusiastic amateurs, experienced and novice competitors. It contains sound training and eating methods, nutritional advice and strategies that are proven to work. It contains real experiences from real competitors – women of all ages who just love training hard and creating amazing physiques.
It goes under the covers and behind the scenes of the bodybuilding industry and talks about the subjects that no one talks about, debunks myths and stereotypes along the way.
It contains practical information about how to prepare for competition – the tanning, bikinis, shoes, posing, choreographing routines, strategies for the off season, overcoming injury setbacks and refocussing goals.

There are special editions for newcomers, competitor journals and stunning imagery from professional and talented amateur photographers.
With interactive tutorials and training tips, Figure & Physique Magazine is dedicated to bringing quality information to women from all backgrounds in a way that is enjoyable, interactive, beautiful and achievable.
If you love competing, are thinking of competing or are involved in natural bodybuilding, you will love Figure and Physique.

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